IT Governance

IT Governanace

As a government-centric organisation, we understand the importance of ensuring that our solutions enable the public sector to meet government regulations and industry standards. Our solutions are thus designed with the specific regulatory needs of municipalities in mind.

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Custodians of Private Information

The public sector is entrusted with sensitive personal information. This can range from payslips and employment history, to contracts and residential details. This data is subject to the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA).

As such, Sebata ITS ensures that all data is securely stored and managed – in line with key data management regulations.

Understanding Data Privacy

With sophisticated cyber attacks and data breaches on the increase, Sebata ITS provides a range of critical compliance and data management solutions.

This includes:

  • IT governance implementation;
  • PoPIA implementation and compliance;
  • Master Systems Plan (MSP);
  • ICT Policies and Procedures;
  • Disaster recovery (DR) Plan; and
  • Business continuity.

Our PoPIA consultation covers the following:

  • Challenges faced by local government around compliance;
  • Compliance programme;
  • How to report data breaches;
  • The repercussions of not being PoPIA compliant;
  • Implementing processes and procedures to mitigate security risks such as cybercrime;
  • Safeguarding data;
  • Collecting, recording, and storing of personal information;
  • Complaints processing;
  • Retention and restriction of records; and
  • Disclosure / notification.