We provide enterprise-class connectivity solutions.

Our offering ranges from basic internet services to MPLS services with support – and 93.8% guaranteed uptime. This includes a dedicated connection without sharing last mile or pipe on connections. Furthermore, municipalities are guaranteed a 1:1 contention ratio and dedicated support.

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Hosted PBX Services

Our hosted PBX offering sees Sebata ITS host the call platform and PBX features on behalf of a municipality.

A hosted PBX phone system can significantly reduce the monthly phone bill of a municipality when compared to a traditional phone system.

Off-site Backups

Off-site backups are primarily used as an additional data backup and disaster recovery measure. These backups provide further redundancy to disaster recovery in the cloud, safeguarding data from potential security breaches.

Website Development and Hosting

We can assist a municipality to develop a new website and host that site on their behalf. Our offering includes training on the management of the site and its administration tasks.

We can also migrate existing websites to our servers.

Additionally, Sebata ITS hosts domain names and performs DNS record management for new and current domain name spaces.